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Whether you want to really start eating healthy for you and your family, or finally shake off those few kgs that have crept on, I’m here to help through various programs I host.

In the meantime, to kick-start you into gear, my Eat Healthy, Lose Weight eGuide has all the motivation, support, tips, tools and ideas you need to get you back on track! It’s yours for the cost of a coffee and snack 🙂

You will receive followup informative emails which include tools such as a downloadable Food Portions Tracker, Meal Plans, Healthy Snacking Guide, Mindful Eating Guide and more. You will also join our closed online community to be part of a like-minded group of people working towards similar health goals!

Topics include:

  • Nutrition Basics
  • Healthy Portions
  • Keeping a Health Journal
  • Mindful Eating & Portion Control
  • All about Sugar
  • Healthy Snacking
  • Alcohol – Healthy Summer Drinks
  • Healthy Shopping
  • Dining out
  • Healthy Travel
  • Weight Loss Myths – Busted
  • Plus Bonus Meal Plans & More!
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WHAT readers say…

First impressions are that its really ,really good! It’s Super easy to browse through , the colours are full of motivating power and it’s not full of body pictures (which is fantastic). The whole message of healthy food, healthy options and healthy living is really there . Bravo Liza, it’s a fantastic piece of work . I love it. Diane Haley Buckley

I find the look and feel very engaging, light and fun. It is informative without being too serious or heavy. Overall it feels packed with energy and enthusiasm – as with everything you do Liza. Well done! Anju Cawthra

Thanks Liza, I got it ….looks amazing, looking forward to getting involved and having a great support. Well done to you! Susan Keniry

Thank you for the eGuide very well written & a reminder of all the topics we had previously discussed Felt like u were there talking to me! Kalpana Chopra

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