Eat Healthy - Lose Weight Program


* 6 weekly meetings (Monday’s 1-3pm)

* 2 private consultations

* Weekly eGuides, program tools, optional weigh-in

…and so much more



A 6-week program designed to help you adopt the best of lifestyle habits, significantly enhance your nutrition knowledge and attain a long-lasting healthy weight. You gain invaluable knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime ensuring that you and your family thrive nutritionally and attain optimum health.

The Eat Healthy-Lose Weight program is designed for those who want a long-lasting, sensible approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. As we tire of years of diets and fads, it’s time to try the obvious approach – get our nutrition under control, so that we eat the best foods for our body, in the right proportions, and at the right time.

The 6-session kick-start program incorporates weekly meetings which include a weigh-in (optional), nutrition talks, maintaining a health journal, group discussions, online support, sample menus, wholesome recipes, various articles on all aspects of health and nutrition, and more. During this kick-start program, you also have 2 sit-down private consultations to review your progress and discuss your challenges.


Workbooks & Worksheets


Accountability Buddy & Community Support


Nutrition Talks


2 X 20 minutes 1-on-1 Consultation

PROGRAM outline

• Nutrition Self Assessment

• Why Diets Fail

• EH-LW Approach

• Health Journal

• SMART Goals

• Nutrition Learning: Carbohydrates

• Body Confidence & Appreciation

• Mindless & Over Eating

• Mindful Eating

• Food Portion Guidelines

• Meal Planning

• Nutrition Learning: Fats

• 5S of Mindful Eating 1

• Hunger or Habit

• 5S of Mindful Eating 2

• Food Portion Tracking

• Should you snack?

• Nutrition Learning: Protein

• Sugar in Foods

• Dealing with Cravings

• Healthier Alternatives

• Nutrition Learning: Nutrition Labels

• Grocery Shopping

• Organically Speaking

• Dining out

• Travel

• Sleep & Stress

• Hormones & Metabolism

• Nutrition Learning: Gut Health

• Weight Loss Tips

• Lifestyle Changes

• Exercise & Daily Activity

• Focus on the Positives

• Fill your Life with Good Things

• Where to from here?


How it works?

Health & Lifesytle Journals, Recipes & Sample Menus

Put your learnings into action. Do your weekly journals to be monitored by Liza. Get invaluable resources that you can access everywhere and anytime.

Weekly Inclass Meetings

Join weekly meetings that includes an optional weigh ins, nutrition talks, activities that you would surely enjoy. What we promise you is a fun, learning and once in a lifetime experience that would change your lives for the better.

Online Support & Community

You are never alone in this journey. Talk and have fun with like minded people. Have your accountability buddy; do recipe swaps and exchange experiences.

For only $20


Eat Healthy, Lose Weight eGuide has all the motivation, support, tips, tools and ideas you need to get you back on track! It’s yours for the cost of a coffee and snack. 

Topics are: Nutrition Basics, Healthy Portions, Keeping a Health Journal, Mindful Eating & Portion, Control, All about Sugar, Healthy Snacking, Alcohol – Healthy Summer Drinks, Healthy Shopping, Dining out, Healthy Travel, Weight Loss Myths – Busted & More!

WHAT if…


I believe that there is no one single diet that works best for all – we each differ in our food requirements, preferences, taste, tolerances and so on. Whether you are a vegan,  or follow a meat-rich paleo diet, this course will help you discover what style of eating, and which foods, work best for you.

I am reluctant to give up all the foods that i currently enjoy.

I always say “there’s a healthier version of everything”! Whether you love ice-cream, pizza, chocolate, or wine, I promise you that you can continue to enjoy all of these foods, as I do. You will learn about better alternatives that are available, and how to enjoy them mindfully. I’m a believer in many small changes, for impressive, positive results. Remember, this is a lifestyle approach – no deprivation, no fads, no diets…simply better ways of doing what you currently do.
I have been participating in Liza’s ‘Eat Healthy and lose weight’ Programme for the  last 5 weeks and have been enjoying and benefiting from her nutritional advice for over 18 months . It has been an invaluable experience and little by little I have learned how to have a more healthy relationship with food , how I prepare it and how I need to improve what I put in to my body in order to live a healthier life . Liza is full of wisdom and insight and has taught me that we really can change our unhealthy eating behaviour and enjoy food that really nourishes our bodies and that tastes Super good and gives us pleasure . Losing weight through eating more healthily has become a lot easier now thanks to everything I have learned from Liza. Diane

The weekly weigh-in meetings and the community spirit motivated me to be mindful and discipled towards my healthy eating goals.  Liza gives you all the tools, empowering you to make good daily choices.   It is a rewarding course and I would highly recommend it. Belinda

‘Eat Healthy-Lose Weight’ Program has been great in helping me to identify when and where I was sneaking in extra unhealthy calories into my diet. It has enabled me to become more mindful of my eating patterns and Liza’s tips have been very useful! And doing all this with a group of like-minded and supportive women has been a lovely bonus! 🙂 Eileen

24.9 kgs lost in 5 weeks

8 participants

you can do this too!

make friends as you lose weight!

100% money back guarantee!
If you don’t feel energized and inspired, tell us! We are confident that this program works and will bring significant changes in your life!

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