In Part I, we looked at some ways to make changes to our daily food preparation and cooking habits.

Here, we offer some more ambitious ways to get healthier as we continue to save even more money while getting healthy.Tackle these one-by-one; no point in biting off more than you can chew 🙂

6. Set up a “cooking swap”

Make a deal with healthy-minded friends to cook/bake extra to share and distribute among the group. This works great for marinades, dips, sauces, salad dressings, and healthy baked treats.

7. Take turns to bring in lunch

Snacks, smoothies and shareable dishes are perfect for bringing to the office (noting allergies and preferences). This saves a lot of cost and time and enables us to taste and enjoy new foods and flavours. It provides a great opportunity to learn about ingredients and dishes never encountered, and can then be added to your repertoire of recipes.

8. Make up your own ‘through anything in’ soup 

Chop excess and ripe veggies to throw in a pot with lentils/beans/spices/herbs to make a great clean veggie soup. Puree and freeze in small glass containers to grab in the future as a quick healthy meal, or as a base for a curry, casserole, or other savoury dishes.

9. Leave the fads, magic pills, and superfoods on the shelf

We have overly complicated nutrition, where in fact, eating healthy does not need to be so mind-boggling – simply focus on wholesome, nutrient-dense foods that are within budget.

10. Know your organics

Certain fresh produce soak up and retain more pesticides than others, and these you might consider buying organic so as to reduce exposure to unwanted toxins. Save money by knowing which ones you can buy in their conventional form as these retain fewer chemicals.

11. Don’t be a slave

Don’t be a slave to supplements, protein powders, and other potions. Now that you are eating healthier, you can rely on good wholesome natural foods for energy and nutrients. More money saved!

12. Buy in bulk

Many things are cheaper when purchased in bulk, so investigate chipping in with friends, and then distributing items. When fruits and herbs are in season buy in bulk to freeze. Enjoy these at a future time when they are out of season or beyond your budget.

13. Create your own garden urban garden

Grow organic fresh herbs – rosemary, sweet basil, and mint are great ones to start with. Each herb offers its own nutritional punch e.g. rosemary stimulates the immune system, mint aids digestion and parsley is good for energy. Watch below how you can grow your own veggies from leftovers!

Be assured, getting healthy does not need to be expensive and cumbersome. For many clients, it has proven to be an amazing and enjoyable journey to embrace for the good of their health, happiness, and our amazing planet.

Please do share your successes!


Video Credit: Buzzfeed

To our health!

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