In this third and final part of the series on Kitchen Hygiene and Safety, we review how to handle food when prepping and cooking.

If you missed the earlier parts please see:

Part 1: General Kitchen Hygiene & Safety

Part 2: Shopping & Storing Food


1. Use separate knives, chopping boards and dish cloths for raw meats and fish, and for non-raw or cooked foods.

2. When handling raw food, afterwards wash not only your hands, but knives, chopping boards and all other utensils used, immediately afterwards in hot soapy water, before touching any other food items.

3. Always check the use-by date of foods, and ensure that they look and smell fresh.

4. Don’t let foods that require refrigeration to be left at room temperature, especially in hot humid places like Singapore; and only remove foods from the refrigerator or freezer as you require them.

5. Do not leave foods out on the counter at room temperature to defrost – place them in the refrigerator over night, or use the defrost setting in a microwave.

6. Leave food to be used as leftovers to cool down, then place immediately in sealed containers in the refrigerator, noting the date of storage.

7. When marinating raw meat and fish, cook the left over marinade to a very high heat for at least 10 minutes, or cook with the protein.

8. Do not store uncooked marinade for future use; if you don’t cook it right away, then dispose of (as it has been in touch with raw food).

9. Use leftovers within a day or two – heat thoroughly to high temperatures before consuming. Throw out any unused leftovers.

10. Avoid refreezing foods that have already been thawed, or cooked (it can be done safely if all guidelines are observed, but best to avoid).

These tips over the three articles might make it seem to get a cooked meal is too much hassle :). However, I’m sure you’ll agree that much of this is common sense, and of course, totally worth observing so that you get to enjoy your food without the worry of health or safety risks.

As always, I’m happy to take your questions.

Liza Rowan

Holistic Nutritionist

When not not busy in my favourite role as mother to my two boys,  I dedicate my time to educate, motivate and inspire us all to lead healthier, happier lives. This involves hosting Nutrition courses (in-class and online), corporate wellness talks, workshops and when I have time, private consultations.

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