Do you often nibble and overeat without realizing you are doing so, and sometimes when not even hungry – to find afterwards that guilt sets in?

 Mindless eating or overeating often means weight gain, resulting in deprivation and yo-yo dieting, which is no good for our body, our mind, or our general wellbeing.

What are the triggers to over-eating? How do we stop and is there an alternative? Firstly let’s be aware of the reasons why we eat more than we intend:

Boredom: at a tedious meeting; working on a dull report; nothing good on TV

Shadowing: keeping pace with our dining companion; all our friends are having dessert

Feeling down: had a bad day at the office; fell out with our partner

Being Polite: the host has gone to so much trouble; our sweet auntie baked our favourite cake

Feeling anxious: preparing for an upcoming interview; at a social event alone and feeling apprehensive

Poor planning: we’ve left ourselves get overly hungry; nothing healthy in the fridge so we grab a sugary snack

When we make a poor choice, afterwards acceptance is important. Rather than wallow in regret and guilt, make resolve there and then to choose better next time. If we are serious about becoming healthier, we need to somehow take control, and stay focused on what we do. Stephen Covey, famous author of the 7 Effective Habit series, teaches us to increase that space between stimulus and response. In this space lies our opportunity to choose. Lengthen that pause (space) to bring more awareness, so that we have a better chance of making the right decision, and therefore achieving our goal to become healthier. Once we confidently make that better choice, it becomes easier to do so next time, and soon we have developed a good habit.

To help motive you to make the better choice, write down a list of reasons why you should NOT eat mindlessly.

• I don’t feel hungry, so I don’t need to snack right now

• Ok, I’m feeling bored/anxious/dejected, what else can I do, rather than over eating – which just brings on guilt

• Eating this contributes nothing to my good health. I want to have more energy, I want my skin to look better, I want to be a good example to my kids

• Rather than eat junk, I will choose a healthy snack which I can enjoy, and take time to savor

• I really want to focus on being healthy so that I will look and feel confident in that new outfit

There are many tools that can assist in making that better choice. Some of these are:


1. Understand nutrition

◦ What are the basics of Nutrition and what foods work well for you

◦ How to read food labels, where to buy the healthier food items

◦ What are better meal choices when eating out and traveling


2. Be more organized

◦ Menu planning, access to healthy recipes

◦ Shopping efficiently and effectively

◦ How to stock your kitchen so that you can’t grab unhealthy snacks


3. Smart tools

◦ Lists of quick healthy snacks and packed lunches

◦ Crave something salty – make your own popcorn

◦ Love ice-cream – keep frozen fruits and yogurts in the freezer to blend

◦ Look at menus online before heading to a restaurant

◦ Keep a food and exercise journal

With the right focus, knowledge, and determination, we can overcome any obstacles that lie in the way of our health aspirations. We all want to be fit and healthy for a host of reasons – we owe it to ourselves, to our partner, to our kids, to put effort into achieving these goals. They are within reach when we learn to take control of what, when and how we eat. We will get that control if we invest the time to acquire the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitude for our better Health & Vitality.


With our modern busy lifestyles, we have lost the pleasure of slowing down and enjoying our food. I would like to share this guide I have created for you to:


  • reignite pleasure from eating
  • exercise your willpower and self-control
  • develop great eating habits with 5 simple words


To our health!

Liza Rowan

Holistic Nutritionist

When not not busy in my favourite role as mother to my two boys,  I dedicate my time to educate, motivate and inspire us all to lead healthier, happier lives. This involves hosting Nutrition courses (in-class and online), corporate wellness talks, workshops and when I have time, private consultations.

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