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5 Week Program which now includes private consultation, 6 online modules, skype meet-ups, and membership to our supportive, private and exclusive community
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6 Online Modules, Private Consultations & Online Support


Graduates Feedback
  • I have completely turned my eating habits (and to certain extent my whole life) around! You said your goal is to educate as many people as possible and you have definitely reached that goal with me. I was at a stage  that I didn’t think was possible. I too have tried many “diets” and never managed to keep it going for very long. Now, I’ve eaten healthy for 5 weeks and more importantly, I love it! It’s not a chore and I don’t dream about picking up that bag of chips when I walk past that isle in supermarket. I simply crave healthy food and it’s amazing! Energy levels are up and mentally I’m a lot happier too. THANK YOU!! – Jessica Tidey

  • Liza has been the greatest help I could have ever asked for and has saved me from the future that I don’t want, but the one that I didn’t have the courage or enthusiasm to steer clear of and change; that future being an unhealthy unhappy one which is worlds away from the future that I have ahead of me with all my new knowledge and confidence. Thank you Liza!

    Lucy Wakeford Lucy Wakeford Preschool Teacher


Join Revitalize-in-5! to:
  • Attain a healthy weight, and learn to manage it permanently
  • Understand nutrition facts from fiction, so you make better choices
  • Provide better meals & snacks for you and your family
  • Have more energy, sleep better and manage stress
  • Address health symptoms through diet & lifestyle
  • Improve your immunity and your wellbeing
  • Look & feel better about YOU!


What’s in the course?

5-Week Program which now includes private consultation,  weekly online modules, skype meet-ups, and membership to our supportive, private and exclusive community

Join with friends, and meet new like-minded people with similar health and fitness goals. Make this very wise investment in your  health! For the cost of a couple of nights out, and with a little time and effort, you will be your healthiest, happiest you, getting 2018 off to a great start! More importantly, this is a Lifestyle Program, so you continue to reap the benefits for years and years to come.


What you learn

Here is some of what you learn, around a proven 3-pronged approach: A.S.K.
Attitude – mindfulness & body confidence, making change and taking responsibility for your health.
Skills – making better choices, understanding nutrition labels, menu planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks within your budget and limited time.
Knowledge – nutrition fundamentals of carbohydrates & sugars, fats & oils, proteins & amino acids; you also learn about minerals & vitamins, supplements, organics, GMOs, food processes & additives, gut health and more.


When you learn
  • In your own time – you access the content around your busy schedule
  • Option to catch up or revise material at suits you
  • You have permanent access to the online content, and the community, so you can ‘refresh’ at any time


Where you learn

(Revitalize-in-5! Online Modules)

  • In the comfort of your own home, at work or while you travel
  • You access all course content as suits you, 24/7, from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Participate in group meetings, online Skype calls, online private community




Your time investment is 20 minutes each day to read the course content. However, I guarantee that this is so beneficial to your health, and you will get so much of that time back in spades – saving hours in planning, preparing and cooking snacks and meals, saving time in grocery shopping, negating all the time worrying about losing weight or the next diet or fad to tackle….This is an investment, not only in your health, but in that of your family. If you fall behind in the reading, no need to worry – I designed the course content over 5 days each week, so you can catch up on weekends as required – from any device, anytime, anywhere.


I believe that there is no one single diet that works best – we all differ in our food requirements, preferences, taste, tolerances and so on. Whether you are a vegan, or follow a meat-rich paleo diet, this course will help you discover what style of eating, and which foods work best for you.


I always say “there’s a healthier version of everything”! Whether you love ice-cream, pizza, chocolate, or wine, I promise you that you can continue to enjoy all of these foods, as I do. You will learn about better alternatives that are available, and how to enjoy them mindfully. I’m a believer in many small changes, for impressive, positive results. Remember, this is a lifestyle approach – no deprivation, no fads, no diets…simply better ways of doing what you currently do.

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April 2018


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