Recipe: Pork Dumplings

Ingredients 300 grams of ground pork1 tsp fish sauce3 spring onions1 tbsp soy sauce3 springs of coriander1/4 lemongrass stalk chopped finely4 mint leaves1 coriander spring1 clove of garlic4 shitake mushrooms soaked1 egg1 tsp sesame oil1 small red chilli1/4 cup bean...

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Recipe: Ginger Cake

Delicious cakes do not need to be unhealthy sweet bombs – if you use smaller amounts of healthier sugars including raw molasses, coconut nectar, and unsulphured (blackstrap) molasses. Using these sugars provides many nutrients that are devoid of refined, white sugar....

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Recipe: Cauliflower Pizzas

Ingredients For the bases 1 head of cauliflower1 tsp dried oregano1 egg1/2 tsp garlic3 tbsp grated parmesan2 chopped basil leaves For the toppings3 tbsp of pizza sauce for each base (see Terri-Anne's pizza sauce recipe...

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Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds

Ingredients To make 8 ounces of jam, you simple need: (simply reduce the ingredients by half if you'd prefer to try only 4 ounces initially): 225 grams (8 oz) frozen strawberries 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup (or coconut nectar or honey - best not to use the more...

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Recipe: Baked Potato Chips

Who doesn't love the crunchiness of potato chips? Whether you like yours salted, spiced or even sweet, do you know that they are so easy to make at home, and as always they can be so much healthier. Potatoes get a bad rep, but usually it's what  added to them that...

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Banana-Almond Smoothie

Regardless of your fitness routine and your fitness goals, it’s important to understand the need to fuel and hydrate appropriately before, during and after your exercise regime.  For example, if building up muscle is your goal, then protein is important to support...

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Crunchy Granola

Commercial granolas can be loaded with sugar and low-quality ingredients. As with most food, not all granolas are created equal! It is actually so easy, and economical, to make your own at home; it will last for up to 3 weeks and you can vary ingredients according to...

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Healthy Sports Drinks

Now that we are ditching our sports, energy and soft drinks we’re in need of healthier options. (You’ve seen my post on “worth the tears” regarding 100PLUS and other energy drinks?)  Here are some ideas on what to use during sports and exercise; 1) For moderately...

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Vita Squares

These tasty squares are a great way to get kids to eat extra veggies. As they are nut-free, they are perfect for school lunch boxes. The carrot and zucchini (courgette) give a lovely moist texture, while providing substantial amounts of vitamin A (good for kids night...

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Oaty Almond Muffins

 These healthy little bites (or big, depending on how you size them) have both a chewy and crunchy texture, so make for a very satisfying healthy snack. No refined sugar or oils are used and they can be made gluten-free by using oats free of gluten.   Ingredients...

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Black Thai Rice

Need a break from your morning oatmeal? This is a welcome satisfying change, which is so creamy, rich and full of sweetness, and also works great as a dessert. Serves 4   Ingredients 1 cup Thai Black Rice, soaked overnight 1.5 litres low fat unsweetened coconut milk 3...

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