Commercial sunscreens are getting more negative press as they can be loaded with chemicals, especially those with ‘active’ ingredients – and these might be causing more harm than good.

As my family lives in the tropics, I am often asked what sunscreen I use for my kids; here they are showing some of the safer, more natural brands available.

When it comes to sun safety, a few things to note in relation sun products;
1. They block vitamin D, which is essential for our good health. Sunshine is the best source of this necessary vitamin, which many people are lacking. For this reason, very high SPF sunscreens are not recommended.
If you’re lucky enough to live in a sunny climate, head outdoors and get a daily dose of this free sunshine vitamin, without risking sunburn – 15 minutes daily is recommended.

2. Once you’ve stocked up on your dose of the sunshine vitamin, I suggest covering up, or staying in the shade! Ensure kids wear sun protective long sleeve swimwear, and of course, a hat. When you wish to enjoy outdoor activities in the sunshine, use natural chemical-free sunscreen.

2. Many commercial sunscreens are loaded with potentially harmful chemicals – from common parabens and synthetic fragrances to specific ingredients like the UVB blocker Oxybenzone, a hormone disruptor.

3. Popular spray sunscreens are not recommended due to the risk of kids inhaling fumes, along with skin areas being missed out when applying.

For a list of positive ways to protect our skin while remaining safe in the sun, click here.

Use this Environmental Working Group, EWG, a database to rate products you are currently using, and to investigate safer brands.

The brands shown here can be purchased at various natural products and health stores in Singapore, and worldwide; if not available to you locally, they can be purchased online.  The smaller bottle contains vitamin D3 drops – which I use when traveling in less sunny climates so that we still ‘carry sunshine within us’.


To our health,

Liza Rowan

Holistic Nutritionist

When not not busy in my favourite role as mother to my two boys,  I dedicate my time to educate, motivate and inspire us all to lead healthier, happier lives. This involves hosting Nutrition courses (in-class and online), corporate wellness talks, workshops and when I have time, private consultations.

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