I have just completed Revitalize-in-5! Nutrition course and I can only say great things about it. The course length and content was perfect for me. Overall I learnt a great deal – I believe largely due to Liza’s clear and non-intimidating way of communicating everything. I also gained a really good understanding on some key points in nutrition that will only lead to a more positive change in my & my families health and lives going forward. Which is 100% what I wanted to get out of this course! Thank you Liza

Amanda Edwards

Business Owner and MD

I highly recommend anyone looking to educate themselves on healthy eating and a positive lifestyle change to attend Liza’s class.

Deepa Shiva

Business Owner

Revitalise-in-5! is a fabulously informative, interactive and thought provoking nutrition course, ideal for anyone taking their first steps to a healthier lifestyle or for those already well informed, to consolidate  and build on previously acquired knowledge in this area.

Natalie Murray

Senior Business Analyst, SCB

Love Liza’s approach to nutrition!  Practical & fun.   With the information overload re health & nutrition, Liza’s courses are a great way to get a proper understanding of nutrition & how it affects our physical and mental health. The online course is great, as it allows you the flexibility to cover the content on your own time.  The access to the online community is a valuable resource to ask questions when unsure.

Audrey Hazel

Business Owner

Liza’s Revitalize-in-5! Course has been a real eye opener for me. I have discovered lots of tips and ways that I can improve my health and also ideas to help my children pick up healthy habitsearly. The course was easy to follow,  great to do at your own pace so that you can focus on what areas are the most important to you. The online support community is fabulous for any questions that you have!

Eileen Davidson

Cust. Serv. Consultant, Coca-Cola

Thank you so much for a fantastic presentation, you have really inspired me! (Primetime Business and Professional Women’s Association, “Making Your Resolutions Work”). Best of luck with your venture, I am sure it will be hugely successful

Ann Morgan

Manager, American Association

The course is fantastic, well structured and the information is relevant and easy to understand. It is a lot of fun, working in a small group, making goals and knowing you are doing something that will benefit your entire family.Thoroughly recommend this course to those who want to loose weight as well as those just confused by all the nutritional information out there. 

Tracy Holden

Events Manager

Examples of how I have more energy:

I am more active and move much more. Get much more done. In yoga classes my strength has improved

Examples of before and now:

I try to mostly eat food I recognise whereas before I would eat snacks out of packs …now that I know what they are never again! I used to have the same breakfast for years now I vary what I have for breakfast. Before I got bored with my food now I am more adventurous and am trying new things out there are endless ideas

And to top it all up I can now gone down one size which means I don’t need to go shopping have loads of clothes I can now wear!!

Believe me when you listen to some of the videos and become acquainted with the truth it is very easy to switch to a much healthier lifestyle. The reading material is sent to you daily which I liked and it very well written I found it very easy to follow it was like having a friend there daily sharing all kinds of gems of information. At any given time you can also just contact Liza with those questions we all have or discuss them on the community or via the weekly skype meeting. Thank you Liza.

Maria Benz

Head of Airline IT Marketing, Amadeus Asia Limited

I have completely turned my eating habits (and to certain extent my whole life) around! You said your goal is to educate as many people as possible and you have definitely reached that goal with me. I’m at a stage now that I didn’t think was possible. I too have tried many “diets” and never managed to keep it going for very long. Now I’ve eaten healthy for 5 weeks and more importantly, I love it! It’s not a chore and I don’t dream about picking up that bag of chips when I walk past that isle in supermarketI simply crave healthy food now and it’s amazing!Energy levels are up and mentally I’m a lot happier too. THANK YOU!!

Jessica Tidey

Mother of 2

This course has had a massive impact on my family. Especially the way we think about our health and how we care for our one and only body.

Sarah Prowse

Mother of 3 young kids

Thank you, Liza, for an amazing and information-packed course. My focus on healthy-living was renewed after a very long transition from SG back to California. During the 5 weeks of Revitalize-in-5!, I have been more mindful and proactive about nutrition and I feel that I’m making better choices. When I get down, I start thinking about everything that I am grateful for and it helps me find perspective. This is a life-long journeyand just embracing that idea has motivated me to keep on going! Thank you Liza!

Jeannette Soumbasakis Jose

Attorney and Mother

I really enjoyed the Revitalize-in-5! online course – I found it the perfect way to learn more about what I eat. I’m a healthy eater anyway but I really wanted to learn more about the food groups and the science behind it. Receiving the content daily via email without any pressure on whether to read it daily or not was the ideal way for me to learn too. The print outs available via the website are invaluable references too. I loved it! 

Caroline Hulbert

Mother of 3

Liza, you’ll never believe how much impact you’re having on me & my family. Thank you so much for guiding us on the right path.

Just had to share…I’ve just finished Grain Brain & Brain Maker – what awesome reads! I’m now onto Eat Dirt, you’ve turned my world around Liza Rowan, Thankyou! …hope you’re well x

Annie McGrath

Alpha Balance Yoga Instructor

I love the format of ASK.  Having content on all three of the aspects throughout the entire course really hammers in the point that they are equally important.  The Attitude section is so well done and really respectful and empowering; the Skills were practical but very informative, and the Knowledge sections were super!

Amanda St. Aubin


Thank you LizaYou have woken me up to living a better life – in all ways. And it’s true, health and vitality does start from the inside out. I haven’t felt this good in a LONG time. My skin is glowing, I have more energy, my sugar cravings have disappeared and my “muffin top” is rapidly shrinking. My hubby is starting to adopt some of my new habits and our son is next. And what has surprised me most is it hasn’t been hard to make positive changes – maybe because my body rewards me every day. I am finally me again – but better! Thank you.

Michelle Jones-White

Publisher, Mother

Liza is a lovely, down-to-earth and humorous teacher who has made the sessions fun and interesting. Her well-planned presentations in conjunction with informal chats have been thought-provoking and I have gleaned many tips on how to eat more mindfully and better plan my food/drink-intake. I can thoroughly recommend her Nutrition Course to anyone who might be struggling to eat healthily and needs support and motivation. I now feel motivated and ready to take charge!

Janet Snoad

President, IFC

The Revitalise-in-5! on line course helped me and gave me the tools to finally start living and eating more healthily.Over the course of five weeks you get a lot of very interesting and sometimes eye-opening information, new recipes, tips, videos and much more. 

Although the course is taken online, you do not feel ‘alone’, there is the Facebook Revitalise in 5! Community and Liza provides constant guidance via email and Skype. 

As there is a lot of information to ‘digest’, it is great that the information remains accessible even after you have finished the course!

Maaike Everts

Mother of 4

Liza’s course changed me in so many ways – but one of the biggest changes was that it got me in the kitchen! I learned how important food is and how getting involved in what you eat is so critical. Liza’s style is super casual so you won’t realize till later she’s conveying really powerful information to you that can be LIFE CHANGING. Give it a go, it’s worth it. 

Tarana Shewaramani

APAC Overhead Controller, Mondelēz International (March 2015)

I have found Liza’s nutrition course to be quite inspirational. Her passion and energy for nutrition shines through and she explains everything so well. We have learnt things we did not know and had things reinforced that we did know but chose to forget! Our group consists of ladies from our office and we have all been spurring each other on during the week using Liza’s tips and information. We are all feeling healthier and making much better choices when it comes to our health. I can’t recommend the course highly enough. 

Debbie Baird

Office Manager, Sydney

The course ended up coming at just the right time for me. I have been lacking the knowledge and motivation to turn things around for a while and it was just the kick start I needed. Lots of fun, plenty of support and hopefully all the tools for my success. The difference I feel this time is I used to blindly follow diet and exercise regimes without really understanding what I was doing and getting too obsessed with points/calories/ lbs. I feel your course has given me the knowledge to make better choices and because I now understand why these are the right choices for my long term health. I am also doing it to take care of my body – not just shrink it!

Charlotte Rose

Mother of 3

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